The Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

In 2000 we started with a marketing mandate of some of the self-catering lodges in the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. Some units are occupied full-time by their owners and some units were bought as an investment. At a meeting in Pretoria, we announced to the lodge owners they will in future be in competition with one another due to each lodge having its own page with photos and info. We also asked them to name their units – to make this more personal [in the past it was lodge 299, lodge 558 and more] with no clue as to what to expect. Guests should be able to decide what they really prefer and to expect what our photos promise.

A standard was also set and the owners were informed we expect white linen/towels [if at all possible], splash pools, aircons in all rooms plus full satellite DSTV. Those owners who thought this was ludicrous had to be taken out of our rental pool. Since we started out, many other wild game came to visit, some for only a short while [the lions, wild dog packs with their pups and hyenas are a big danger to the various buck species and humans]. These are usually darted by the game rangers and collars identify their original habitat. The only way for these wild animals to enter when they dig holes underneath the fence and it might take rangers [as well as the public] a long time before their presence are noticed. The fact that the lodges are not fenced is dangerous to humans and children playing outside. The estate is known for its amicable warthogs with babies trailing behind their parents – but don’t underestimate them, they can kill without any warning, especially if fed. Management also removed the buffalo due to them being aggressive to humans and more than once their young calves fell in to the splash pools as they quench their thirst. We’re very excited of the three leopard residents and their cups who decided to dodge management, the game rangers and security! They manage to catch any buck they prefer as well as some warthogs. Many photos went viral with ‘Big Man’ crossing the street between some units as well as a night camera or two tracking their movements while they enjoy a nightly snack. Maintenance of all our lodges are very important to have recurring guests or to have visits from new people by word of mouth. We are also branching out to other provinces and Africa and only suggest those establishments we actually make use of ourselves.


We’d love to welcome you as our guests in the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate and share the beauty.


Rudy & Brenda Roodbol – Owners TripStaySA


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